Crafting a compelling About page for your nonprofit

Crafting a compelling about page for your nonprofit

Your non-profit’s website will be a powerful advertisement for all of your organization’s charitable efforts. For this reason, you should take care to create Web content which really shines. In particular, your “About” page should feature information which is factual, well-written and designed to highlight everything that is special about your non-profit.

Many people check “About” web pages in order to access concise and accurate information about the mission statements of non-profits. In some cases, people may decide to donate (or not to donate) based on what they read at these online addresses. So, it’s vital to get your point across via the right text.

Yes, you may “dress up” this web page with links, pictures, keywords, video and logos…however, in the end, the success of this web page will largely depend on good writing …and the impact that good writing has!
Content is king online. This is why it’s well worth the effort of crafting “About” copy which will hit the target with prospective patrons of your organization.

To help you craft a compelling “About” page for your non-profit, we’ve created a guide which is packed with sensible tips…

How to Get Started

The first step is creating a mission statement. This needn’t be longer than a paragraph or two! In fact, brevity is the way to go, as crafting a shorter mission statement will allow you to get your point across quickly, without boring the reader.

So, think about what the non-profit is all about and then succinctly explain its mission. This block of text will represent the bulk of your “About” web page. It’s important to explain when the non-profit was formed, by whom and why. Highlight any achievements of the organization in your text and touch on plans for the future.

Once you have a formal mission statement, add a paragraph which contains a call to action. This should inspire the reader to get involved by volunteering, donating or sharing information about the non-profit.
Overall, the “About” page shouldn’t contain more than three or four paragraphs of text.

Design Elements to Consider

Next, add design elements which spark interest and engagement. For example, add a photograph above your text and create a header which features the organization’s name and logo. Also, you should definitely ask your Web design professional to add social media sharing buttons to your “About” web page (or add these buttons on your own, if you are tech-savvy!). This will make it simple for interested parties to share information about your non-profit with friends, family and colleagues, via their preferred social media platforms.

To strengthen your Google search engine rankings, incorporate SEO (search engine optimization) elements into your work. This means adding relevant keywords, labelling pictures with Image Tags in WordPress and adding one internal and one external link.

Now that you know the basics, why not spend some time creating a stellar “About” web page for your non-profit?

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